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      China ¡ñ  Zhaoshan Group (former Zhejiang Zhaoshan Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.), funded in August 1984, located in Zhuji City, which is one of key economically developed regions of the Yangtze River delta in central Zhejiang Province and the hometown of Xishi¡ªone of the four famous ancient Chinese beauties, adjacent to the famous historical and cultural city¡ªShaoxing on the east, the ¡°China Small Commodities City¡±¡ªYiwu City on the south, a national forest park¡ª¡°Wuxie Scenic Spot¡± on the west and a beautiful tourism city¡ªHangzhou on the north, 60km away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, 12km away from Zhuji Station of Zhejiang-Jiangxi Railway, 10km and 2km away from the access to Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway and Zhuji-Yongjia Expressway respectively, with uniquely favorable traffic and geographic conditions, is one of top 100 enterprise in China's building material industry and one of key enterprises of mechanical equipments in Zhejiang Province.

      Since its establishment, it, through positively seeking the development orientation of large group and grand strategy, insisting on the strat egies of ¡°scientific management, steady development, brand strength and trans-regional business¡±, inheriting the business philosophy of ¡°to service users with honesty and credit, to open up markets with brand, to enhance superiority with innovation, and to develop enterprise with achievements¡±, strictly adhering to the business spirit of ¡°people oriented, to manage scientifically, to exploit and innovate, and to be realistic and advance bravely¡±, has made a great progress in various aspects. It has developed from a small cement plant originally with an annual output of 440 thousand tons into a presently large non-regional business group which is based on Zhaoshan Group Co., Ltd. and consists of 15 branches; its business scope not only involves cement products, but also other various industries, such as concrete, dry-mixed mortar, numerical control machines, computerized embroidery machines, dust removal equipments, bearings and bushes, commerce and trade, service, and real estate. It has been successively awarded various honors, such as ¡°Top 100 Enterprises in China's Building Material Industry¡±, ¡°Advanced Enterprise of National Grade-II Archives Management¡±, ¡°The Largest Industrial Enterprise in Zhejiang Province¡±, ¡°The Enterprise with the Best Economic Benefit in Zhejiang Province¡±, ¡°The Green Enterprise in Zhejiang Province¡±, ¡°Hi-tech Enterprise with AAA-level Credit in Zhejiang Province¡±, ¡°Technological Demonstration Enterprise in Zhejiang Province¡±, ¡°The Enterprise Abiding by Contract and Credit in Zhejiang Province¡±, ¡°Management Demonstration Enterprise in Shaoxing City¡±, ¡°Scale Enterprise in Zhuji City¡±, and ¡°Five-star Enterprise in Zhuji City:. It has got the certification of quality system ISO9001:2008, environment system ISO14001:1996 and occupational health and security system GB/T28001-2001. ¡°Tianfeng Brand¡± and ¡°Zhaoshan Brand¡± have been appraised as ¡°Famous Chinese Trademark¡± and ¡° Zhejiang 's Famous Trademark¡±, and ¡°Zhaoshan Building Materials¡± as ¡° Zhejiang 's Famous Business Name'. Besides, it is president of ¡°Zhejiang Regional Economic Cooperation Promotion Association¡±.     

      ¡°Zhaoshan Group, Create Future¡±. China ¡ñ  Zhaoshan Group will continue to develop based on the general goal of ¡° to create an eternally powerful Zhaoshan with creativity, excellence, effort and strength ¡±, set up scientific development view, follow cyclic economy and innovative management, improve its comprehensive strength, promote its rapid development, strive to portray a beautiful blueprint, compose a more splendid song, and create a more distinguished Zhaoshan.